Client Spotlight Interview – QuickMedical

Client Spotlight Interview – QuickMedical


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Close-Knit Medical Supply Company Stands Out from the Rest


It’s not just software companies, online bookstores, and boy bands who get their start in the family garage. In 1993, Scott Hanna and a couple of friends created the first digital height measuring device (Heightronic 235), an instrument designed to measure height to .01 centimeters. Sales of the Heightronic were managed from Scott’s garage in North Bend, Washington. Response to the Heightronic was positive, sales for their measuring instrument took off, and Scott added other items to their product list. In order to reach a broader client base, Scott and partners launched the QuickMedical website, which also provided easier distribution to their customers.


QuickMedical soon grew beyond both the garage and a one-man operation. Over time, Scott hired additional staff and relocated to a small warehouse in Snoqualmie, Washington. Within three years, QuickMedical out grew the location and the search for a permanent home started. In August, 2009, QuickMedical moved to Issaquah, choosing their current office and warehouse. Rather than limiting themselves to online distribution, QuickMedical hired and trained a full-sales staff. In fact, the employees at QuickMedical view themselves more as a team than just staff. Described as a close knit group of over 40 people, Scott and his team enjoy potlucks, making each other laugh, and challenging each other towards excellent quality and customer service.

“Our employees are educated on what is new in the market place. We bring suppliers in and have training a couple of times a month. Once we brought in an entire exam bed. All our employees go through training (warehouse, sales, customer service,etc.). We are very much hands-on. Our staff sees themselves as a cooperative element of the business. But it’s more than that even, our staff is the business.”


The hands-on aspect to their business is reflected in the superiority of their customer service. While QuickMedical’s online presence has continued to expand over the years, they continue to maintain a strong local presence as well. The reason they stand out from the rest? Their continued emphasis on customer service.

“We are all about customer service. We pride ourselves in all the knowledge we have regarding our services and product. We are willing to work with a customer in areas where large companies can’t. For example, bigger supply companies will ship a case of gloves; if a customer only wants a box, you can buy a box from us. We will even create a specific custom size case. That way, it’s more convenient for our customers. It’s all about providing quality service to our customers.”

As the QuickMedical team prepares to celebrate 20 years in the medical supply business, they acknowledge the continued success of the Heightronic. Like the parent company, the Heightronic has grown and matured over the years into a continued frontrunner in today’s market.


Q&A with Eileen Brisbine, CFO at QuickMedical: 

Q: To what does QuickMedical attribute to its success?

A: First, hiring the right people. Second, strategically deciding where we need to grow that will best serve our customers. Third, specifically training and educating our staff on an ongoing basis.

Q: What charities do you work with/for?

A: Union Gospel Mission, Basket Brigade, Wounded Warrior, and Children’s Hospital.

Q: If you could start over what would you do differently?

A: We’d sit down and spend time to develop a good business plan.

Q: Is QuickMedical currently hiring?

A: We are always looking for good people. To apply, go to our website or stop by our store: 30200 S.E. 79th St., Suite 120, Issaquah, WA 98027-8792.

Q: What advice would you have for someone interested in entering into your business?

A: Take the time to learn the market and find yourself a niche.

Q: What type of online presence do you have?

A: You can find us on our website, on Facebook, and on our blog.

Q: What message would you like to tell the public about QuickMedical?

A: With service disappearing in all industries, QuickMedical has chosen to embrace it; we focus on making the customer experience the best possible.


Viridian Tax and Accounting is pleased to congratulate QuickMedical on celebrating 20 years in the medical supply business!