Rick McDonald

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Rick McDonald

Financial Advisor

Rick is a Financial Planner who focuses on helping people of all stages in their life. Whether that is planning for retirement, supplementing retirement income or helping with legacy planning. Most of his clients are nearing or are in retirement giving him unique experience in capital preservation with an emphasis on income.

Rick grew up seeing how important financial planning was at an early age through two lenses. Through one lens he saw his Uncle who was a portfolio manager for Vanguard for over 30 years and eventually went on to start his own mutual fund. Through a vastly different lens he saw his single mother who’s continuous worries were not about financial planning or investments, but about taking care of her two young boys. He experienced first hand what financial struggles and successes a family can go through. Rick has dedicated himself to educating others like his mother to take action regardless of where they are financially and is passionate about working with clients at all stages of their lives.

Rick is an avid golfer having received a golf scholarship to California State University East Bay and eventually playing professionally for two years with the PGA TOUR organization.  He enjoys giving back to the community as a mentor with the First Tee of Greater Seattle which helps kids learn core values through the game of golf. He resides in Edmonds just minutes away from where he grew up.