Amazon ranks Seattle as No. 9 ‘most well-read city’

Read any good books lately? Odds are, if you live in Seattle, your answer is yes.

The Emerald City was recently ranked No. 9 on Amazon’s list of “Most Well-Read Cities in America” after compiling sales from books, magazines and newspapers in print, as well as Amazon’s electronic Kindle format.

Not bad, especially since Washington state also nabbed the No. 15 spot thanks to the literary-loving residents of Bellevue. See the full list here.

With the statistics appearing on May 26, the data was tallied from sales that began Jan. 1, 2011.

But to Puget Sound residents, the ranking doesn’t really come as much of a surprise. When you consider we officially had the coldest April on record, coupled with a dreary, low-hanging cloud cover that’s blanketed the skies between Jan. 1 and the publication of this article, who can blame Seattleites reluctant to leave the comforts of home… or their local coffee shop.

Plus, Seattle has achieved similar honors in the past, voted as the ‘most literate city’ in 2009 by a study conducted through Connecticut University.

In addition to bragging rights (depending on your circle of friends), literacy is considered by some to be an index of the nation’s well-being, often factoring in library usage, bookstores and internet access as well.

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