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Roth IRAs — Powerful Planning Tools for All Generations

June 8, 2011

If the current income restrictions associated with Roth IRAs prevent you from using one for your own planning purposes, consider taking steps to ensure that your children or other younger family members establish and fund a Roth IRA of their own. Roth IRAs offer ample tax benefits for retirement — particularly for younger investors. Yet…

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Planning for Retirement? Don't Overlook an IRA

June 1, 2011
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Nearly 50 million American households own an individual retirement account (IRA).1 While the IRA has evolved into a popular retirement savings vehicle — with more than $4 trillion in total assets — it is often an overlooked component of most investors’ financial planning strategies. In fact, over the past two years, only 15% of households…

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Fixed-Income Focus: Bond Fund Basics

January 18, 2010
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Even during periods when equities are top market performers, bonds may still have a place in your portfolio. As a complement to the more volatile nature of stock funds, fixed-income funds may have the potential to generate a steady stream of income and add stability to a portfolio. How Bond Funds Work Bond funds are…

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