Electing Delayed Social Security Retirement Benefits

You can elect to delay receiving Social Security retirement benefits past normal retirement age.


  • You want to optimize your Social Security retirement income and:
  • You are at least normal retirement age
  • You are fully insured for retirement benefits
  • You have applied for delayed retirement benefits by contacting the Social Security Administration

Key Strengths

  • Your retirement benefit will increase
  • Your surviving spouse’s benefit will increase
  • Your delayed retirement credit isn’t counted toward your family maximum

Key Tradeoffs

  • Even though your monthly benefit will be higher, your lifetime benefit may be lower
  • The delayed retirement credit won’t increase benefits paid to most family members

Variations from State to State

  • None

How Is It Implemented?

  • For information on how electing delayed retirement benefits will affect you, you can use one of the benefit calculators available on the Social Security website.
  • To apply for delayed retirement benefits, contact the Social Security Administration two or three months before the date you wish to begin receiving benefits. Visit a local office or call (800) 772-1213.
  • For investment options or retirement planning advice, contact a financial professional.


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