Getting the Most from Social Security – Complimentary Seminar










  • What are my options?
  • How do I maximize my benefits?
  • What if I am not ready to retire?
  • Are there tax consequences when I draw Social Security?

If you or someone in your world has been wrestling with these or other questions relating to Social Security, please join us for this informative event.  We will follow a thoughtful, forty-minute presentation with a lively question and answer session.  We will cheerfully schedule individual consultations to help answer questions that require a higher level of detail than we are able to provide in this group setting.

This event will be Wednesday June 24th at 6:00pm.



525 NE Northgate Way, Seattle, WA 98125

Catering provided by:





We will follow this presentation with a complimentary wine tasting.  There is plenty of parking conveniently located in the building.  Seating is limited, please RSVP to or (206) 782-4837 at your earliest convenience if you would like to attend.


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