June 2020 Market Commentary

Brian Johnson
By Brian Johnson, Viridian Chief Investment Officer and Shareholder June 1st, 2020 Summary:  Markets appear to be decoupled from the economic realities that we face. The bear market in the Dow from February 12th to March 23rd, 2020 was swift and sharp, but appears to be over for the time being. The month of May…

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Written by Joe Erickson, CPA and Shareholder The Corona Aid, Relief and Economic Security CARES Act was passed on Friday 3/27/2020 in response to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.  This bill will impact millions of businesses and individuals throughout the U.S., and is designed to help mitigate the financial ramifications of COVID-19 on the U.S. economy. …

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‘Pre-Wealth’ Advising Gives Lifeline to the Paper Rich

Original article published on WealthManagement.com here

Market Update – Covid-19 Coronavirus Scare

By Brian Johnson, Viridian Chief Investment Officer and Shareholder February 28, 2020 Summary:  Due to fears related to the COVID-19 coronavirus, stock markets have experienced a rapid sell-off in the last six days that is nearly unprecedented. Though we don’t want to downplay the seriousness of a potential pandemic, history demonstrates that declines caused by…

The Call of the Snowbird Life

Written by Matt Boelter Financial Advisor and Shareholder Ever think of moving to a warmer climate for the rainy/snowy season?  At one time or another, all of us who live in northern climes have thought how nice that would be.  As with most retirement options, the further ahead you plan, the more choices you will…

Fourth Quarter Market Commentary

Fourth Quarter 2019 Market Commentary By Brian Johnson, Viridian Chief Investment Officer and Shareholder January 26, 2019 Summary:  The fourth quarter of 2019 saw most stock markets move meaningfully higher, while bonds took a breather after earlier advances. The fourth quarter of 2019 was overwhelmingly positive for major equity (stock) indices. Domestically, the S&P 500…