Key Numbers Projected for 2016

2015Projected for 2016
Personal and dependency$4,000$4,050
Phaseout threshold (applies to itemized deductions as well)
Married filing jointly$309,900$311,300
Head of household$284,050$285,350
Married filing separately$154,950$155,650

Standard deduction
2015Projected for 2016
Married filing jointly$12,600$12,600
Head of household$9,250$9,300
Married filing separately$6,300$6,300
Standard deduction for dependentGreater of $1,050 or $350 + earned incomeGreater of $1,050 or $350 + earned income
Additional standard deduction for aged/blind
Single/ Head of household$1,550$1,550
All others$1,250$1,250

Top income tax bracket (39.6%, 20% for long-term capital gains and qualified dividends)
2015Projected for 2016
Married filing jointly$464,850$466,950
Head of household$439,000$441,000
Married filing separately$232,425$233,475

Alternative minimum tax (AMT)
2015Projected for 2016
Maximum AMT exemption amount
Married filing jointly$83,400$83,800
Single/ Head of household$53,600$53,900
Married filing separately$41,700$41,900
Exemption phaseout threshold
Married filing jointly$158,900$159,700
Single/ Head of household$119,200$119,700
Married filing separately$79,450$79,850
26% on AMTI* up to amount, 28% on AMTI above amount
Married filing separately$92,700$93,150
All others$185,400$186,300

*Alternative minimum taxable income

Kiddie tax: child’s unearned income
2015Projected for 2016
Above this amount taxed at parent’s tax rate$2,100$2,100

2015Projected for 2016
Contribution limits
Traditional and Roth IRAs$5,500 ($6,500 if age 50 or older)$5,500 ($6,500 if age 50 or older)
Roth IRA income phaseout range (contributions)
Single/ Head of household$116,000 – $131,000$117,000 – $132,000
Married filing jointly$183,000 – $193,000$184,000 – $194,000
Married filing separately$0 – $10,000$0 – $10,000
Traditional IRA income phaseout range (deductibility)
1. Covered by an employer-sponsored plan and filing as:
Single/ Head of household$61,000 – $71,000$61,000 – $71,000
Married filing jointly$98,000 – $118,000$98,000 – $118,000
Married filing separately$0 – $10,000$0 – $10,000
2. Not covered by plan but filing joint return with covered spouse$183,000 – $193,000$184,000 – $194,000

Estate planning
2015Projected for 2016
Top gift, estate, and generation-skipping transfer (GST) tax rate40%40%
Annual gift tax exclusion$14,000$14,000
Noncitizen spouse annual gift tax exclusion$147,000$148,000
Gift tax and estate tax applicable exclusion amount$5,430,0001 + DSUEA2$5,450,0001 + DSUEA2
GST tax exemption$5,430,000$5,450,000

1Basic exclusion amount

2Deceased spousal unused exclusion amount


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