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Why Losses Hurt More than Gains Feel Good: Part 1. When 1 Doesn’t Equal 1

March 26, 2019

Written by Bruce Yates, Financial Advisor and Founding Shareholder Many investors assume that as long as they are right more times than they’re wrong, they will end up with good results. That is a logical assumption. If you buy three stocks in succession, for instance, and two of them produce big gains, and only one…

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8 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Financial or Tax Adviser

December 4, 2018

Written by Adriel Tam, CEO, and Bruce Yates, Financial Advisor. Original article posted on Market Watch here.

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Tax & Estate Planning with Charitable Trusts

September 10, 2018
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Written by Bruce Yates, Financial Advisor & Doug Custer, CFP® Investment assets have two primary benefits: the income they produce, and their hopefully increasing value.  With Charitable Trusts, charitably inclined investors can support their chosen charity or foundation by donating one of these two components (principal or income), while retaining the other for themselves or…

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Two solutions for elderly parents who are house rich but cash poor

June 25, 2018

Written by Bruce Yates, Financial Advisor A Common Financial Conundrum If your parents are getting on in years, they may find themselves facing a situation shared by many older Americans. The majority of their wealth may be tied up in the house they bought decades ago, while their liquid assets—cash and securities that can be…

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Seattle-area investment management firms merge

March 2, 2017

One of the Seattle area’s oldest investment firms merged with one of the region’s newest to create a wealth management organization with $469 million in assets under management.   Continue to Full Article…

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