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Seattle consistently ranked top among tech cities

September 22, 2011

With Microsoft in Redmond, Amazon in Seattle and Google taking over everything in between, Seattle continues its tech tradition – a reputation that seems to be as deeply ingrained as the city’s love of coffee. But it goes beyond just the 9 to 5. In Seattle, it seems tech is a way of life… and…

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Google expansion near Seattle to add 840 jobs

September 8, 2011

Google Inc. has filed plans to house nearly 840 employees at an office complex in Bothell. Coming at a time when many large corporations are still operating under a hiring freeze or, even worse, laying off their workers to compensate for financial turmoil, the announcement by Google is a bold move – especially when you…

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Redfin reports Seattle real estate cool yet moderate

August 18, 2011

Seattle has been ranked seventh on a list of 16 cities around the country for movement related to real estate, with areas like northeast Seattle, Lake Union and Queen Anne at the top of a new “heat index.” Similar to its weather – temperate though unseasonably cool – Seattle scored a 69 percent on the…

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Is the Job Market in Seattle Stalling?

July 26, 2011

The current state of job creation here in Seattle is similar to the weather – it can change from one minute to the next. So are jobs on the rise or not? Well, it kind of depends on who you ask… and where you look. Because, unlike the weather in Puget Sound, the job outlook…

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Washington Paychecks Get a Bump Despite Economic Turmoil

July 19, 2011

The average wage in Washington state increased to $48,162 in 2010, according to information released by Washington Employment Security Commissioner Paul Trause. How did your paycheck fare? If you saw your earnings rise, consider yourself lucky… extremely lucky. The rise represents an increase of 2.1 percent and is actually attributed in part to the practice…

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Hey Seattle, how about a ‘staycation’?

July 5, 2011

Summer’s here, at least according to the calendar. And though the temperature has yet to consistently reach above 60 degrees here in the Seattle area, the travel season is well underway in many other parts of the country. And for good reason. Vacations relieve stress, restore creativity and alleviate the burnout that we gather throughout…

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Amazon ranks Seattle as No. 9 ‘most well-read city’

June 21, 2011

Read any good books lately? Odds are, if you live in Seattle, your answer is yes. The Emerald City was recently ranked No. 9 on Amazon’s list of “Most Well-Read Cities in America” after compiling sales from books, magazines and newspapers in print, as well as Amazon’s electronic Kindle format. Not bad, especially since Washington…

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Seattle thriving despite economic slump

June 14, 2011

Recession? What recession? If you’ve been keeping an eye on the financial news, you’ve probably heard that economic recovery in the United States has stalled. But according to two new studies, conducted locally in Seattle and by an independent economics research firm in Florida, Seattle remains relatively immune to the financial turmoil. In fact, we…

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