Helping You Address Financial Challenges So You Can Focus On What Matters Most .

Viridian has seen it all - great windfalls from the sale of a company, a family legacy passed from one generation to the next, a lifetime of hard work, overnight wealth, and the journeys taken to get to these points in your life.

We understand there is a web of complexity to every client and family. We work to develop a long-term financial plan, provide transparent advice, and a clear path for our clients to live the lives they desire, without taking unnecessary risks in the process.

Financial Planning

It begins with a conversation. The very first step in our process is helping clients formalize their vision by setting expectations and creating a structure for pursuing their goals. In any analytical process, the challenge is taking the “soft” pieces of the puzzle and quantifying them into “hard” measurables that represent milestones of achievement. At Viridian, we uncover, examine and address various challenges that individuals and their businesses face, while attempting to minimize risk and volatility.

Estate Planning

At Viridian, we view estate planning as an element in your comprehensive financial plan. Common objectives include preserving family wealth, protecting a family business, funding philanthropic endeavors, and transferring assets to heirs in ways that recognize their varying degrees of responsibility. While we are not attorneys, we can help you work through these issues, and then work with your estate attorney (or, if needed, an attorney from our referral network) to iron out specific details and get the documents created for your estate plan.

Tax Planning

We know that your circumstances and tax challenges will change over time. At Viridian, we anticipate, plan for, and accommodate fluctuating circumstances. We focus on your end goals, not just tax goals. While conscious of the role taxes play in long-term planning, we never want the tail to wag the dog. Our own in-house tax planning team allows us to analyze and provide alternative tax plans, and enhance the tax efficiency of the various parts that make up your overall plan. We are one of the few firms that provide coordinated tax, investment and financial planning services under one roof.

Investment Management

As a fee-only investment manager, we act as a fiduciary to help you achieve your short and long-term goals. Viridian’s advisors work closely with you to identify the risk level that is appropriate for you. We then recommend the right investment strategies that incorporate your investment goals, risk tolerance, income and estate tax impact, and other factors to ensure your investments are consistent with your needs and long-term goals.

Insurance Planning

Viridian works closely with your insurance professional to ensure that coverage balances income protection and asset preservation. Although we are licensed for certain types of insurance, our primary role as fiduciary advisors takes precedence, so we will gladly help you choose the right coverage so that you can get it through us or through your own agent(s). There is a delicate balance between appropriate coverage and cost, and we can help you confidently find the right coverage for you.

Charitable Giving

Many Viridian clients strive to make a difference in their communities—local, regional, and global. Viridian’s advisors help clients prioritize their philanthropic efforts by devising long-term, tax-efficient strategies, including such vehicles as donor-advised funds and charitable trusts. 

Viridian and its employees also support and volunteer in numerous charitable causes. We would love to know if there are causes we should know of and be participating in.

Healthcare Planning

As we live longer, health becomes an increasing concern, not to mention a potential cause of asset depletion. Planning for future healthcare needs requires balancing increasing longevity with potential future health issues it can create. We advise our clients on ways to achieve that balance, and to have critical discussions with family members and trusted advisors.

Business Planning

Exit planning is a difficult, and generally a once in a lifetime event. We advise business owners on succession planning, generational planning, and the buy/sell process.